About Us

Petrogotin Energy & Resources Limited (formerly Petrodrain Nigeria Limited) is a Production Engineering Consultancy and Asset Management Company providing advisory and facilitation services in the application of innovative Production Engineering solutions, deployment of value-yielding technology in the workplace, the management of change, and leadership within organizations both in the private and public sectors. Specialty areas include:

  • Operational Excellence
  • Project Management
  • Innovation & Technology Management
  • Crude Oil & Gas Terminal Operations
  • Flowstation & Gas Plant Operations
  • Cost Ambition
  • Production Engineering Solutions
  • Health, Safety & Environment

Petrogotin was established in 2014 to provide a broad spectrum of solutions to Oil & Gas Companies as well as establishments involved in the Oil and Gas business. Our niche area is Production Optimization from the Wellhead up to final custody transfer at the Crude Oil and Gas Terminal employing best practices, innovative solutions, technology deployments, and cost ambition to achieve value for money.

Mission Statement

Our goal is to optimize the resources of our customers for profitable growth through use of operational excellence initiatives, production engineering solutions, innovation, technology and change management  while creating value for our employees, investors, shareholders, and the communities.

Vision Statement

To become the best solution provider for profitably optimizing company resources.